New Direction for Eccp’s Schumacher, to Depart from Chamber by End Feb

March 07, 2017 News

Manila, March 7, 2017 – After close to forty years of dedicated service to the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP), the partnership between the ECCP and Henry Schumacher is moving into a new phase.  As of the end of February 2017, Schumacher has left the ECCP in an official capacity to pursue his own dreams and advocacies.

Schumacher first came to the Philippines in 1977 as the CEO of multinational company Hoechst Philippines, arriving at a period when the European business community was growing dramatically. During this period, which was also the time of Martial Law, it became clear that there needed to be a ‘voice’ for European businessmen in the country. It was through this need that Schumacher, along with a group of European businessmen, decided to work immediately to form the ECCP, the first European Chamber outside of Europe.

As an integral part of the ECCP’s foundation in 1978, Schumacher has been instrumental in every phase of the chamber’s journey thus far. He began as Vice President of the board until he was elected President in 1983. In 1989 and after 25 years of service to Hoescht, he went on to join the chamber full time. Throughout his stay with the chamber, he served in various capacities including Executive Vice President, Vice President and General Manager, and as President of the ECCPs various affiliates and subsidiaries. More recently, Schumacher has been the Senior Advocacy Adviser since April 2016. Schumacher also spearheaded ECCP Cebu, established the ECCP’s project management expertise through projects like the European Business Information Center and the European Community Investment Partners to name a few, and diversified the ECCP’s business through establishing ventures including Fairs & More Inc., the European IT Service Center Foundation, Imperial Consulting Inc. Schumacher also strengthened the chamber’s CSR activities by launching projects like English is Cool, One, Materials R&D, and the Human Capital Club.

A familiar face during government forums and industry business summits, Schumacher’s strong support of the ECCP’s advocacies have helped gain significant wins for the European-Filipino business community as well as further its mission of leveling the playing field for both European and Philippine business alike.

While Schumacher is moving on to pursue his own dreams and advocacies, both parties agree to continue cooperating in a non-official basis in the interest of ECCP members and ECCP partners. Schumacher remains untiring and relentless in pushing for closer and greater European-Philippine economic relations.

ECCP President Guenter Taus comments “While it is sad to see one of the founding fathers of the the ECCP move on, the chamber wishes him well in all his future endeavours as he moves into this well-deserved period of personal endeavours.”