EU Business Community Wishes Duterte Will End Tirades On PH’s International Allies

January 02, 2017 News

Source: Philippine News

The EU Business Leaders gave a warning on the possible effect of the killings and the tirades of Pres. Duterte.

EU – The ending of the tirades to the international allies of the Philippines by Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte and the addressing of the concern of the alleged extrajudicial killings in the country are two wishes of the European business community.

Pres. Duterte is known to be a tough-talking man. Way back in the previous months, he has thrown tirades to significant people and even to leaders of the other nations. United States Pres. Barack Obama is one of those whom the Philippine President has thrown tirades against.

Recently, a news report in Phil Star Global stated that the European business community has two special wishes for Pres. Duterte.

According to the report, these two wishes are for the Philippine President to end his tirades to the international allies of the country and that the concerns on the alleged EJK in the Philippines will be addressed by him.

Geunter Taus, the president of the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines expressed that since the Duterte administration took over the country, ‘uncertainty’ has been spotted rooting to the statements done in the first months.

According to the news report, the leaders of the European business community warn that the tirades and the killings in the country could decrease the confidence of the investor in investing in the country.

Furthermore, the ECCP President told Star that ‘business can work with risks, but not with uncertainty’.

In a previous news report, it is stated that Pres. Duterte does not see the confidence of the investors as an incentive for him to change the way he speaks. He noted that as long as the investors are making money, they will not step back.

He even expressed his belief that his warnings against the people who are involved in drugs are like ‘music to the investor’

Another matter that alarms that European business community is the alleged extrajudicial killings happening in the country based on the PhilStar report.

“Unfortunately, the focal point both domestically and internationally has been the infamous war on drugs and the tragic loss of life it has created,” Bo Lundqvist, president of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, expressed according to the report.

He added that the international headlines affect the image of the country and the image of the Philippines painted by it has not been advantageous to the nation.