ICT-KPM-BPM-Creative Industry Committee Meeting - 12 October 2017

November 07, 2017 ICT-KPM-BPM Meeting Reports

The committee meeting discussed several initiatives from the government that are set to affect the ICT-BPM-KPM-Creatives Industry. First, Committee Chairperson Erik Nielsen gave feedback regarding the BOI Delegation in the Investment Promotion Roadshow. Although the BOI Delegation was useful in order to introduce the Philippine ICT-BPM-KPM-Creatives industry to Europe, more targeted trips to meet with certain sectors would produce better results for the next Delegation. 

After the discussion on the BOI Delegation, the second agenda point dealt with SB 1592 (TRAIN). Updates in the progression of the bill were discussed along with key differences between the Senate and House versions of TRAIN. Part of the action steps for this agendum is to continuously coordinate with legislators in both the Senate and the House and to provide them with position papers for a better understanding of the industry.

Third, the committee members discussed the implementation of the Data Privacy Act and the nuances in compliance of the ICT-BPM-KPM industry. One difficulty in compliance the members identified was the lack of information regarding the depth and breadth of compliance required by the National Privacy Commission.