Infrastructure and Transportation Committee -7 Feb

March 15, 2017 Infrastructure and Transportation Meeting Reports

CMTA & Regional Shipping Lines

The committee is looking forward to the enactment of the provisions in the IRR of CMTA. BOC Commissioner Faeldon’s initiative in organizing weekly public consultations is commended by the committee. The inclusion of Customs Transit Provisions in the calendar of BOC public consultations was requested. EPBN is currently organizing a meeting with Commisioner Faeldon to lobby such industry issues and concerns. Also, it was proposed to create a TWG which will be responsible in drafting provisions for discussions. The committee agreed to set a meeting with  PPP Center Dir. Gen. Ferdinand Pecson. On the registry of boats, present situation reflects that local “boats” are registered at the Philippine Coastguard but not with MARINA, creating safety issues.  The committee therefore agreed to set a meeting with MARINA Administrator, Marcial Quirico Amaro III, to lobby concerns.


ECCP stressed that the government should remain as the “enabler” and the private sector as the “driver” on infrastructure projects. Some committee members are spearheading a feasible study for a plan to build a subway system along EDSA which they claimed more doable compared to the government’s plan as it basically eliminates the right-of-way issue. The committee agreed to set a meeting with  PPP Center Dir. Gen. Ferdinand Pecson.

PCAB Licensing

The committee lauded the move of the DTI-PCAB in issuing the Quadruple A (AAAA) special license to foreign contractors. The committee is looking forward to further pursue a level playing field in this area, by removing unnecessary PCAB restrictions on foreign-owned contractors. The government should realize that foreign contractors are more competitive in terms of technology that serves as a great advantage over the local contractors.

Blue Economy

The committee supports the creation of the ‘Philippine Flag’ that will serve as the flag of convenience. There are a lot of issues that need to be addressed in order to achieve a radiant blue economy or to realize the full potential of the industry. The Committee should closely cooperate with the Maritime Committee and the efforts undertaken by NEDA.