Meetings with PEZA Leadership - 11, 13, 14 July

July 29, 2016 Meeting Reports

As part of the growing cooperation between ECCP’s Energy SMART program and PEZA, we met three times last week with Dep. DG Panga to discuss business options in three fields:

  • Energy Efficiency / RE solutions
  • Waste to Energy - service / investment solutions for a whole zone or specific waste segments
  • Water treatment / water recycling / water conservation - again, solutions for industrial zones.

The participating companies being part of Energy SMART saw business opportunities and will now enter into direct negotiations with PEZA.

While the first round of investment options will focus on PEZA-owned zones (Baguio, Pampanga, Cavite, Mactan), the next rounds will expand to free-trade-zones and privately-owned industrial zones.