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ECCP Business Alert

ECCP Business Alert


A bi-monthly e-newsletter highlighting business & investment opportunities in the Philippines.

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ECCP Business Alert
ECCP Business Alert :: January 2012
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ASEAN Remains the Market of the Future.  Asia continues to be the economic ‘goldmine’ of the future. This is where markets are growing fast and where future markets are seen to be emerging. The ASEAN region is a very dynamic region offering plenty of opportunities as the region comes closer to the establishment of an ASEAN Free Trade Area. European firms establishing their presence in one or more of the developed ASEAN countries, like Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, etc. have the advantage of securing a strong market position within this dynamic region.

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23 April 2014
Business groups urge FTA with EU

22 April 2014
Closer EU-PH Trading Relations Sought DTI to Negotiate deal with bloc of Efta Nations

21 April 2014
ECCP eyes weaving project in Bohol for top furniture, fashion houses

21 April 2014
Youth Unemployment / Dual Education

08 April 2014
Trade, Exporters Groups Seek Summit Amid Manila Truck Ban

08 April 2014
Fiscal Incentives

07 April 2014
Businesses stick to Manila ports

04 April 2014
Gov't Targets Hike in RE Capacity by 2030