ECCP managed projects are a collaborative enterprise, frequently involving research or design, that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim. We partner with various companies and/or organizations to cooperatively achieve set goals.

i4J Partnerships for Integrity and Jobs

Project I4J focuses on the pilot development of integrity mechanisms and models of transparent and effective small business and investment registration and promotion procedures at selected local government units (LGUs), in cooperation with civil society and decision makers at these LGUs.

Specifically, the project aims to include LGUs as key players for clean administrative procedures into the Integrity Initiative set up by the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) and the Makati Business Club. It recognizes the role of LGUs as a sustainable network for self-obligation and monitoring of transparent and uncorrupt structures and procedures. It also aims to create models of transparent, effective small business and investment registration and promotion procedures and disseminate them.

Project I4J targets local government leaders/officials, civil society, small business leaders and potential investors as beneficiaries. Three cities, three municipalities, and three provinces across Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao will be selected as pilot project locations.

You can also download the i4J Project Flyer here in PDF format. Visit for more information.

This project is co-funded by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development through Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.

status: active

EU-Philippines Business Network

A project implemented by the consortium of European Chambers of Commerce based in the country, the EU-Philippines Business Network (EPBN) aims to encourage thriving the trade and investment relationship between EU and the Philippines. This ECCP and EU co-funded venture provides integrated business support system for European enterprises that are interested in gaining access to high-potential business opportunities not only in the country but in the ASEAN region as well.

Bringing together the expertise of partner Chambers, EPBN offers a comprehensive range of valuable services which include market analysis, information on successful market entry, specialized business development strategy, updates on important economic developments and high-level coordination with business sectors and government agencies. These services are made available not only to help individual businesses but also the EU industry associations which want to support their members, the EU Delegation to the Philippines, and the EU Member States' local and regional representations.

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status: active

Integrity Initiative

INTEGRITY INITIATIVE is a private-sector led effort to help the Philippines escape from the vicious cycle of corruption that not only has exacerbated poverty but also prevented the operation of a level playing field for business.Spearheaded by the Makati Business Club and the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines in late 2009, the initiative calls for a collective action among ethical foreign and local business enterprises that are craving for fair market conditions. As envisioned, the initiative will benefit all market participants willing to undertake a business culture changing process that will revolutionize how companies do business in the Philippines. It is a process that will initiate a change from within and a change that will radiate outward on a collective basis, leading to a new ethical business norm.

Ultimately, the initiative aims to earn for the country more foreign investments, more employment opportunities, and less poverty, resulting from international recognition that the Philippines is serious in its fight against corruption. Through the Integrity Initiative, the Philippines will become a benchmark in the transformation process from being highly corrupt to doing business ethically.

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Energy Smart

The European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) and its founding partners believe that the Country's competitiveness is strongly linked to the unwavering pursuit of energy efficiency and sustainability.To build on this, the ECCP along with its founding partners launched the Energy Smart program in July 2010. The program is a private sector led initiative that aims to encourage like-minded organizations to identify, implement and share best practice energy management programs that encourage energy efficiency and sustainability. It is supported by leading companies in the energy sector, international organizations such as the International Finance Corporation and other key players in the field of energy management.

The Energy Smart Program also aims to achieve the following:

  • Raise the interest in and awareness of Energy Efficiency as a source of competitive advantage in the market place
  • Increase the Implementation of Energy Saving projects and programs
  • Develop a supportive network of energy efficiency organizations and suppliers
  • Recognize the effort and achievements of the program’s Partners to promote greater action
  • Recognize/Award the efforts of companies that continue to implement Energy Efficiency Programs and their achievements

To be part of the Energy Smart Program the following actions must be committed by the signing company:

  • Appointment of an internal Energy Champion to be the main contact for the program
  • Submit a Partner goal proposal with a corresponding Action Plan within 3 months of joining the program
  • Install an Inaugural Energy Efficiency project within 6 months of joining the program
  • Pursue the Action plan to implement programs and projects to achieve the pre-agreed milestones as outlined below:
    • Bronze Milestone (~10% Savings)
    • Silver Milestone (~20% Savings)
    • Gold Milestone (~30% Savings)
    • Platinum Milestone (Above 30% Savings or Other Worthy Initiatives)

On the other hand, the Energy Smart Program will provide the participating company toward greater energy efficiency and sustainability with the following:

  • Expert advice to identify and implement energy saving programs and projects
  • On-going support for the Energy Champion and his/her team through targeted technical seminars, best practices and networking forums
  • Access to a range of Energy Smart Allies and Suppliers
  • Access to tailored funding for energy efficiency and sustainable projects through our funding partners
  • Access to “best practice” case studies and site visits to further raise the confidence in the latest energy saving technologies
  • External validation and recognition of energy savings achievements within the program at the annual Energy Efficiency Forum
  • Use of the Energy Smart logo to enhance brand exposure and communication with the growing segment of green conscious consumers

Who Can Participate in the Energy Smart Program?

  • Companies with No Energy Management Programs
  • Companies with Existing Management Programs but need to improve on their Energy Performance
  • Companies with Advanced Energy Management Programs who want to be recognized for their achievement
  • Small and medium enterprises
  • Large organizations
  • Commercial, Industrial Companies
  • Residential Properties

What’s In It for Technology Providers?

  • Access to industry end users
  • Marketing platform: Promotion of your Energy Management solutions through the Energy Smart directory, website, newsletter, information sessions, product presentations, advertisement in print and electronic media, sponsorships, cause-marketing
  • Policy Advocacy- Energy Efficiency and Conservation Law
  • Policy Dialogue with government organizations
  • Networking with other local and international stakeholders
  • Opportunity to exhibit and network at the Energy Efficiency Forum

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status: active

Smart Cebu

What's it all about?

SMART Cebu is a project co funded by the European Commission’s Switch Asia Programme and the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation (BMZ). The project is implemented by a consortium of European and Philippine organizations in Cebu that is aimed at increasing the competitiveness of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) engaged in the home and lifestyle sectors in Cebu by promoting clean production, development of eco-friendly products and entering the green markets in Europe and Asia.

The overall aim of the project is to foster and support an increased competitiveness of SMEs in three sectors (furniture and furnishing; fashion accessories; gift, toys and house ware) and to contribute to a greener environment on Cebu.

The efforts on the production side will be complemented by a marketing and export strategy in order to stimulate the demand for these "green" products from cebu.

The project SMARTCebu aims at

increasing the competitiveness of SMEs in the home and lifestyle industries and thus to develop a cleaner environment on Cebu.

The specific objective is related to the production of eco-friendly home and lifestyle products from Cebu: The products will be cleaner and the marketing will be enhanced and promoted.

We strive for the following results:
  • Result 1: BMOS are capacitated to promote and channel sustainable consumption and production effectively
  • Result 2: Develop an effective marketing strategy to boost sales of Cebu Green Products
  • Result 3: Production of Cebu home and lifestyle products is made cleaner and more efficient
Activities foreseen are:
  • Capacity strengthening of Business Member Organisations (BMOs) in the furniture and furnishings and fashion accessories sector
  • Promotion of SCP matters at policy level by BMOs (SCP Business Agenda)
  • Facilitation of access to finance for SME investing “green”
  • Development of relevant marketing strategies and training therein
  • Awareness raising on SCP matters, specifically on policy making level
  • Establishment of 15 – 18 Sector units; Dissemination of innovation, results and SCP guides through those sector units to approx. 400 – 450 SMEs
  • Implementation of more efficient and SCP oriented production
  • Training of efficiency, OHS and sector units experts as well as factory staff
  • Establishment of SCP desks at relevant business organisations
Co-funded by:

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status: active