Become A Member

ECCP membership is open to any company or individual interested in participating in Philippine-European business activities.

Membership Categories

There are two categories of membership:

Regular Members

  • European equity (companies) or European nationality (individuals) is required
  • Regular membership also extends to Foreign-based companies, individuals or organizations
  • Only regular members are eligible for election into the ECCP Board of Directors

Associate Members

  • All other companies, individuals, or organizations with European business interests are eligible

Membership Rates

Regular Membership (with European Equity)

PhP 5,000.00
Entrance Fee
PhP 42,000.00
Annual Dues

Associate Membership (without European Equity)

PhP 30,000.00
Annual Dues


Companies & Individuals
EUR € 750.00
Annual Dues
Chambers of Commerce/ Diplomatic Missions
EUR € 390.00
Annual Dues

Individual Membership

Regular (Europeans)
PhP P 5,000.00
Entrance Fee
PhP P 20,000.00
Annual Dues
Associate (Non-European)
PhP P 5,000.00
Entrance Fee
PhP P 20,000.00
Annual Dues

To Register

To register as a member, submit the following requirements:
  1. SEC Registration
  2. BIR form 2303
  3. General Information Form (GIS)
  4. Signed Integrity Pledge
  5. Signed Data Privacy Form
  6. 2x2 photos of the Primary and Alternate representatives
  7. Company logo (except Individual members)
Downlod Registration Forms Here

Choose the region of your location (Manila, Cebu, or Davao) and click the corresponding Register button. You will then be given the appropriate contact information for the Membership Officer of the region and the necessary forms.