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Articles are segregated into three categories: In-Focus (Most important information that deserves to be highlighted), News (General announcements and updates), and Position Papers (Downloadable documents that represent the opinion of the Chamber on interesting issues about the government and businesses).

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Corporate Governance and Compliance Lessons from Europe

Corporate Governance and Compliance Lessons from Europe
Position Papers - April 01, 2010

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Co-hosted by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Dr. von Rosen gave an interesting overview of anti-corruption legislation and practices around the world and outlined what companies need to do to stay away from corrupt behavior in terms of cartel-like activities and involvement in bribes. He explained the loss of reputation and the high fines companies and their CEOs are faced with if caught. Dr. von Rosen emphasized that CEOs need to ‘walk the talk’ and that anti-corruption tools have to be implemented throughout the organization.

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Date: 24 March 2015
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2014 Real Estate Market Overview and 2015 Outlook with Michael McCullough
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Date: 27 January 2015
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